Blasting Rockrivet

Part # Various


ROCKRIVET is a retention plug for use in both underground and open pit mines. It works through using friction and interference of the plastic fins in the ROCKRIVET to hold onto the wall of the hole. The fins are designed to close like a collet which allows for optimum holding capacity and minimal leakage. The design also allows for a downline or firing line to pass through, preventing the likelihood of cut-offs or misfires. 

The ROCKRIVET is designed to be installed with a standard charge hose or dowel. Available in a range of sizes that suit holes from 76mm to 251mm. Each box comes with the installation adapter.

Part #MaterialHole SizeQuantity
BBRR108GREEN (RIGID)76mm – 115mm125 units/box
BBRR109BLUE (SEMI RIGID)76mm – 115mm125 units/box
BBRR146RED (RIGID)115mm – 152mm100 units/box
BBRR114BLUE (SEMI-RIGID)165mm – 230mm25 units/box
BBRR123GREEN (RIGID)203mm – 251mm25 units/box

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